popcorn they don’t serve at the movies

i went to the movies with one of my girlfriends last week and we devoured our super salty jumbo size popcorn in record time, and it got me jonesing for more. the girls at work wanted something sweet as it had been a while since the whoopie pies, so caramel corn is what they got.

the recipe my sister uses is so easy to make , it literally takes 10 minutes max and it’s easy to transport to work, to a party, or to your couch! recipe is under caramel corn, go crazy and add your own touches to it like marshmallows, cashews, pecans, the possibilities are endless!



  1. YUM!!! I love when she makes it and I would totally be up for being the taste tester to see who makes it better. Love the blog by the way it’s so much fun and delicious!

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