not your grandma’s blondies

i maybe a little partial but i would take a blondie over a brownie any day! don’t get me wrong i LOVE chocolate, but there’s something about a blondie being like a bigger doughier cookie that i cannot get enough of!

in college there was a patisserie on campus (yes a french bakery, that’s what you get when you go to college right outside of dc i guess) and about 2 years in (thank goodness it took 2 years, otherwise i’d be the size of dc) i found these “bars” that they sold that were the best blondies i had ever eaten. i searched all over the internet for them, made my mom and sister try to recreate them and to no avail could any of us get them right… until now!

i found the bars at a local italian store, of all places, grabbed one and was a little disappointed that they weren’t exactly the same, a little drier than i remember : ( but close enough. the packaging had all the ingredients written on it so i was on a mission.

today i am happy to say i have mastered my own version of what i am calling, after myself, beach blondies. so yummy! check out my recipes so you can make your own version and make sure to post your creations so i can have some more ideas!


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