giant cupcake masterpiece

I know I just said whoopie pies are the new cupcakes, but when it’s a GIANT cupcake? I was given a Wilton giant cupcake mold and what better time to try it out then for the boy’s birthday party?! Let me first say this sucker takes a LONG time to bake, we’re talking over an hour long to bake. When I took it out of the pan it looked a little crispy so I was nervous. I had sawed a little off the base to make it level and it tasted good, but again I was still iffy.

If you are making the cake from a box (which I always suggest) it takes 2 boxes and you’ll have enough batter left to make a dozen standard cupcakes. It was fun to ice because… it’s a huge cupcake! Another suggestion is to ice the “undercarriage” of the top before laying it on the base, this way you will not be able to see the cake.

In the end everyone who ate it said it was “so moist” (that’s what I was worrying about) and delicious! Success! If you want the secret to having a super moist cake leave me a comment and I’ll let you in on it. Trust me it will change the way your “eh” cake taste!


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