hats off… to me!

I was recently a date to a backyard wedding, which didn’t sound like the greatest thing. In the reckneck south (where my dad is from) “backyard wedding” means on the porch of your double wide, groom in camo and the reception is a pig pickin’.

I was with a couple of the girls going one night and they showed me their dresses and *gasp* hats to match. I could have screamed with glee at the thought of getting to make my own hat! I went to Target to buy my hat and on to Michael’s for the flowers. I figured the best way to get the flowers in the positions I wanted them would be to sew them on. Thanks to my aunt giving me a refresher’s course on sewing a couple years back and a lovely lady on youtube.com I was able to achieve my finished product. Not too shabby for doing it the night before with limited time.

The wedding ended up being so adorable as well, it was a lot different than the backyard weddings I had been to and all the girls hats were great. Next time, I’m going WAY bigger though!



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