we got a first timer

i had another one of those foot-in-mouth moments.


ugh, it happens to me all the time. “oh come over and i’ll make you dinner!” “sure i can make a cake for tomorrow after my 9:00pm soccer game!” no problem! i can do it all! here’s the latest version.

peanut butter cheesecake filling

court: “what do you want for your birthday? i can make you whatever you want!”

work wife: “i don’t know. i like everything you make.”

court: “ok, well what flavor do you like? chocolate, funfetti, peanut butter, cheesecake, strawberry?”

work wife: “oh! i like cheesecake!”

court: “GREAT!”

court’s internal thoughts: f*#^, s@*%, uuhhh, i’ve never made a cheesecake in my life!  what am i going to do?

enter, cookies and cups! thank you jesus for this girl! i had seen a cheesecake a couple weeks earlier, that i pinned (thank you pinterest!!) thinking, you know in case i have to make a cheesecake one day. looks like work wife’s birthday was that day! whipped cream

i was really worried about making a cheesecake, and i knew that they took a while to cook, cool and the whole nine. this one thankfully doesn’t have to be cooked, just placed in the fridge for a couple hours before serving. you will need a spring form pan, which i had to borrow from a friend. again, never made a cheesecake why would i have one?!reese's

if you’ve never made a cheesecake, this one is your friend. i’m still a little intimated to make a regular ole new york cheesecake. mainly because, well, i don’t really like cheesecake. unless you trash it up like this one, OR unless i’m at the cheesecake factory last year when they use to make the best one ever that tasted like a samoa. it’s not on the menu anymore. rude cheesecake factory, rude.

so i say it’s easy, but it does take some patience. you have to bake some brownies, whip up your own whipped cream, chop a dozen reese cups, and make the cheesecake filling. the final product though, so worth it! oh yeah, and the finished product weighs about 5lbs! uh, i die.

go ahead and make your first cheesecake! or for all of you pros, try this for a new twist on the big cheese!!

5lb peanut butter cup cheesecake (adapted from cookies & cups)peanut butter cheesecake

make a cheesecake. check.


depression ridding enchiladas

oh wow.

hot hot hot

didn’t realize it had been over a month since i talked to all of you. didn’t really mean for that to happen, sorry about that faithful friends. i was hanging out with a lot of my readers this weekend, my family, and they reminded me that it had been a while since they got an email from me. my family was in town for that rude cousin of mine’s bridal shower. yeah, she’s still going ahead with the wedding, after i’m pretty sure i expressed my displeasure at her marrying before me. and to make things even worse, my roommate just moved out last week. severe depression has set in.

i’m back to single life court, we’re talking back to eating oatmeal and string cheese for dinner. i’ve also added in naked green machine. which is life changing, yes it’s green adn looks disgusting, but it taste delicious and it’s super healthy! now it’s like every school night is exciting! this is how riveting my life is (baked spaghetti boy come back!!) a smoothie is the highlight of my week.

green sauce enchiladas

before all of that sadness happened i had found the BEST enchilada recipe. seriously. the. best. so good that you can make them, reheat them the next day and they’re better than the previous night. mind blown. there are a lot of enchilada recipes out there and this one rules them all. do i love red sauce? yes. do i like green sauce more? yes! salsa verde, in my mouth. i think in the last mouth these have made an appearance on my kitchen table 3 times? that’s almost once a week. this is huge. usually i’m a one-and-done-on-to-the-next-dinner type of girl. these are keepers.

you’re going to look at the ingredients and say “cream cheese? really?” yes, and do it! it makes them creamy and not as boring as just shredded chicken and cheese inside. and the green sauce? uh gives it just a little bit of a different taste from the red sauce, but not enough to make it taste completely different from the typical enchiladas.

next time you find yourself in the international aisle at the grocery store reaching for the can of red sauce, do yourself a favor and slide over the that can of green sauce. and don’t forget to run over and get a block of cream cheese. you’re going to thank me later.

get you out of depression green enchiladas (from chef in training)

nothing depressing here

will someone please come over and help me eat this pint of ben and jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream?

weeknights ain’t got nothing on me.

i can’t even right now. the amount of dinners i’ve made in the past month is crazy. seriously, like, every single night. who am i? if you remember correctly i am the girl who was eating string cheese and gold fish for dinner last year. i’ve done a complete 180 since then. baked spaghetti boy […]

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new year, new (fill in the blank)

if you live on the east coast or in america, it’s not news to you that it was FREEZING today. it was one of those days where you just want to stay in bed and cuddle all day. one of those days when you want to stay home and cook a big pot of chili […]

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holiday balls

who doesn’t love a good holiday ball? whether it be a truffle, snow, or ornament, balls are everywhere during the holidays! speaking of those balls, can we talk about the “snow day” that i didn’t have today? we got maybe 2 inches of snow here in the nation’s capital. did they close schools the night […]

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we talk thai

to say a lot of exciting events took place in the last month and a half would be an understatement. you already know that that boy i coaxed into my life finally decided he was done living a couple of continents away and is back in america for a while! yay!  i know you were […]

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first marathon: completed. i enjoyed every minute of it. yes, even at mile 11 when there were absolutely no spectators. even at mile 20 when i thought i had no gas left in the tank. and especially at mile 25 when i knew it was over and all i had to do was jog it in […]

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can i be serious with you for a minute?

to all of my internet friends who don’t have the pleasure of dealing/talking/seeing me everyday, my blog is a great representation of me. i’m joking around and having  a good time 98% of the time, but i do have a serious side too. it doesn’t come out too often because i try not to take […]

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